1st Edition of MRI & UltraSound in Veterinary Medicine

6-8 October, 2023

Playa Del Carmen - Cancun, Mexico

Friday, October 6th, 2023 - Plenary Session

9:00Welcome and Introduction - E. Bassi, Esaote
 Small Animal SessionEquine Session
MRI: When and why to request an MRI in an epileptic patient? - J. Green
US: Ultrasound is a "cerebral" practice: becoming aware of the importance of the cognitive process - V. Busoni
10:15MRI: Cranium P.I. - Solving the mystery of intracranial diseases - Y. Furman 
US: Ultrasonography of the suprasesamoidean region - When you can’t refer for advanced imaging - M.B. Whitcomb
11:00Coffee break
11:15MRI: Intra-axial brain masses: what are the possible diagnosis? - C. Falzone
US: Looking for equine lymph nodes & vessels - V. Busoni
12:00MRI: MRI of bilateral brain lesions – More than metabolic? - K. Jurina
US: Ultrasonography of the femoro-pelvic region - an important imaging modality in horses with severe hind limb lameness - M.B. Whitcomb
12:45Lunch break
14:00US: Embriology and genetics of cardiac conditions - A. Pelosi 
MRI: Update on standing MRI using the Rotating Grande - G. Myhre
14:45US: Congenital heart diseasesin small animals: morphological features and management - C. Bussadori
MRI: Exploring MR basics to advanced. What do the sequences tell us and why choose them - K. Selberg
Coffee break
US: Management of the patient with congenital heart disease: case discussion - C. Bussadori
MRI: MRI-Findings in Relation to Diagnostic Anesthesia – Challenges and Observations in Cases of Distal Limb Pathology - M. Waselau
16:30US: Vascular rings: characteristics and treatment - A. Pelosi 
MRI: What are common musculoskeletal abnormalities and outcomes in the distal limb - K. Selberg
17:15US: Pathophysiology and characteritics of chronic mitral valve disease - C. Bussadori
MRI: Clinical Cases discussion - All Speakers
Welcome Cocktail Party


Saturday, October 7th, 2023 - Opening Remarks

 Small Animal SessionEquine Session
9:30US: Transesophageal echocardiographic exam - C. Bussadori
MRI: Visualizing hoof structure integrity with MRI to determine safe levels of athletic performance following neurectomy - G. Myhre
10:15US: Canine cardiomyopathies: primary and secondary - A. Pelosi
MRI: MRI of Equine Stifles – Indication, Technique and Observations over the last 10 Years - M. Waselau
11:00Coffee break
11:15US: Interventional ultrasound - F. Rossi
MRI: Clinical Cases discussion - All Speakers
12:00US: Gastrointestinal disease - imaging criteria and role of fine needle aspirates (FNA) - S. Stieger-Vanegas
MRI: Clinical Cases discussion - All Speakers
12:45Lunch break
14:00MRI: Diagnosis and Management of Hydrocephalus – Options in MRI - K. Jurina
MRI: Clinical Cases discussion - All Speakers
14:45MRI: The good, the bad, and the wobbly - Diagnosis and treatment of spinal cord diseases - Y. Furman 
MRI: Clinical Cases discussion - All Speakers
15:30Coffee break
15:45MRI: Cervical spondylomyelopathy in small dogs - C. Falzone
US: Meniscal injuries - Where ultrasound fits into the clinical examination of horses with stifle lameness - M.B. Whitcomb
16:30MRI: What should a MRI neurosurgeon know? - J. Green
US: Evolution, trends and challenges in equine US - V. Busoni
19:30Social Event and Dinner


Sunday, October 8th, 2023

 MRI SessionSmall Animal Session
9:30MRI: Clinical Cases discussion - All Speakers
US: CEUS: utility in clinical practice - F. Rossi
10:15MRI: Clinical Cases discussion - All SpeakersUS: Ultrasound of the pancreas – anything new and do we dare to "poke" - S. Stieger-Vanegas
11:00Coffee break
11:15MRI: Clinical Cases discussion - All SpeakersUS: Challenging abdominal US cases - F. Rossi
12:00MRI: Clinical Cases discussion - All SpeakersUS: Management of the lame dog – how can musculoskeletal ultrasound help managing the case - S. Stieger-Vanegas
12:45Conclusion in Plenary Session


1st Edition of MRI & UltraSound in Veterinary Medicine