5th Edition of Veterinary MRI Hands On Training Course

18-19 October 2024

 Ghent University, Ghent (BE)

Payment can be done by bank transfer or credit card.

The fee includes access to the scientific session, coffee and lunch breaks, congress material, social dinner and social cocktail (if registered to the Large Animals session).

Registration fees within 20th September 2024

Small animals Session 650,00€ (VAT excl.) 795,00€ (VAT 22% incl.)
Small and Large Animals Sessions 800,00€ (VAT excl.) 975,00€ (VAT 22% incl.)
Large Animal Session 250,00€ (VAT excl.) 305,00€ (VAT 22% incl.)

Social dinner – 18 October
Fees for accompanying persons

100,00€ (VAT 10% incl.)



Social cocktail – 19 October
Fees for accompanying persons

90,00€ (VAT 10% incl.)

Please note that accompanying persons cannot attend coffee and lunch breaks.



VAT exemption for non-Italian persons and companies

You can choose fees without VAT (Value Added Tax) ONLY IF:

1. The invoicing address is outside Italy AND in the EUROPEAN UNION


You supply a valid VAT Code in the “Invoicing Data” Section

2. You are a Non-EU citizen and you can submit a declaration that you are a freelancer providing the company details (name, address and tax code)

If you choose a fee without VAT and you are an Italian citizen, an Italian company, an EU citizen/company without a valid VAT code, a student, a public/private employee your registration can not be processed.

For any query, please contact the secretariat:

Erika Taravella, E.V. Secretariat
Via Trecchi 20 - 26100 Cremona (I)
email info@esaotevetmeeting.org